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Who are we?

The Spinal Cord Society (SCS) is a volunteer organization dedicated to developing a treatment to cure paralysis.  Over 200 Chapters and a monthly newsletter link thousands of members across 24 countries.  All research is funded by private donations.

What is the State of Research?

Current SCS research has involved human trials, which have resulted in partial sensory and motor function recovery. SCS is working hard to improve on those results.  New and even more effective approaches are now underway with additional human trials planned this year.

Santa Cruz Chapter SCS Contribution

To date, the Leimbach Santa Cruz Chapter of the SCS has raised over $500,000- primarily from our annual golf tournament charity event, The Pink Flamingo.  Our continued mission is to increase awareness of both the need and opportunity to develop a treatment to cure paralysis. Each advancement in medical technology brings us closer to developing a cure.  And with your help and generosity, we’ll be able to take yet another step toward making this vision a reality.  We look forward to another fun and memorable day for everyone involved in this year’s Pink Flamingo at DeLaveaga.